Legislation that would specifically prohibit Michigan counties and local municipalities from adopting mandatory mask requirements may be seeing some action soon. Republican State Representative John Reilly introduced the legislation in August. But it has not seen committee action yet. The statewide conservative voter group Michigan United For Liberty helped draft the legislation. The group is now pushing Republican State Representative Jason Shepard to bring the bill up for review in the House Government Operations Committee which he chairs.

Shepard represents the state’s 56th House District which is just south of metro Detroit and borders Lake Erie.
Michigan United For Liberty is asking all its members to contact Shepard’s office to help get things rolling.  The group believes Shepard will give the legislation a fair and open review. He’s often been critical of the unilateral actions of the Governor related to the COVID-19 virus outbreak. And now with the State Supreme Court ruling the way in which Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer unilaterally ordered COVID-19 virus controls, there’s a need to specifically address the mask issue in this fashion.

House Bill 6134 reads in part; “…the governing body of a municipality shall not adopt or enforce an ordinance, resolution, or policy that requires an individual to wear a face covering on public or private property or in a public or private building.”

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