Getty Images By: Agung Parameswara
Getty Images By: Agung Parameswara

Did you know that Michigan is the second largest food producer when it comes to diversity of crops grown in our state?

The only state ahead of us is California.

According to an article in the Detroit News, food grown in Michigan is a $100 billion dollar business, which accounts for one out of four jobs in Michigan.

The diversity of growing and producing food ranges from fruits and vegetables to craft beer, salsa, pickles, sausage, and artisan bread.


Michigan has a central proximity, unique geography, and temperate micro-climates.

According to a quote in the article, Dave Zilko, vice chairman of Garden Fresh Gourmet Inc, stated “People want authentic, genuine products. They read labels. I don't see this changing. People are more passionate about food, more knowledgeable about food. It's only going to continue."

Looking back to 2004, Michigan’s food economy totaled $61 billion, as of 2014 we produced $101.2 billion in agricultural production.

Great news for Michigan and our citizens.

Let’s continue to nurture it and grow, grow, grow.

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