Time to dust off all the bad cow puns (and a couple of beer ones, too, as you'll see), with another cow spotted (see, Spotted Cow is Wisconsin's favorite craft beer) on US 131, somewhere between Dorr and and the Gun Lake Casino, with authorities and animal control officials seen along the highway. Judging by a video posted on Facebook, it appears the cow was safely apprehended and no one was hurt.

This isn't the first time a rogue cow has been reported on that stretch of highway, with an incident in 2019, and one a year earlier in 2018. Both those instances also ended with no injuries and the animal captured. However, it does beg the question, how does this happen, and how does this happen so often?

As always, the puns are not the entertaining part of the story. It's the comments on Facebook, though some are clearly inappropriate. The nicest was "Hey, Mister, you walking your cows?"

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In the inappropriate category, the worst came from the poster who said "another ex-wife sighting"; clearly not an amicable split. And another poster feigned indignation, finally saying the comment almost made her spit her tea out.

Another comment, it's hard to tell if it's said in jest or not, but answering the question if any anyone had seen a cow loose on 131, said, no, but she had seen a white pickup truck going in the wrong direction on the highway.

But finally someone said there is nothing really funny about this, "but I can't stop laughing."

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