Michigan State Troopers say it's clear, someone or a group of people had a mission. Troopers are now asking for help locating the individual or group that broke into a bunch of RVs near Mottville in the middle of last month. There's no word why they're waiting until now to request help with the crimes.  Troopers say nearly 30 RVs were broken into near Mottville along US-131.

Photo: Michigan State Police
Photo: Michigan State Police

In each case, a storage bin on the side of each RV was pried open to get access. The RV's long power cords were taken. That's it. The replacement cost for that type of cord can range from around $50 to as much as $150.

A 50 foot long cord, rated for 50 amps can weigh 35 pounds.  The scrap price for copper is about $2.50 per pound.  That means an RV cord could easily bring $85 each.  Thirty of them could be scrapped for more than $2,500.00.   Police say this is just another instance of this type of crime.  The theft of catalytic converters has soared in recent months too.

State Troopers are asking anyone who knows something about what happened to contact them at the Marshall Post at 269-558-0500.

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