The  Road Commission of Kalamazoo County has sent out a list of road closed due to water being over the road, and with heavy rains forecast for this weekend, there could be more added to the list.

As of Friday, June 14th, Kalamazoo County says these roads are closed.

The RCKC is stressing to the public that it is not safe to move, remove barricades or drivearound them. There’s a reason the barricades and signs are in place and that reason is to protect the safety of the motoring public and our road maintenance operators. Even whenyou don't immediately see water, equipment or road maintenance operators, it is not safe to disregard the traffic signs and barricades.

The latest addition to the list is:

Oshtemo Township:

  • 8THStreet – ML Avenue to KL Avenue

These following locations continue to be closed.

Texas Township:

  • PQ Avenue – 3rd Street to 5th Street
  • P Avenue – 3rd Street to Main Street
  • O Avenue – 4th Street to 6th Street
  • N. Eagle Lake Drive – E. Eagle Lake Drive to S. 5th Street
  • S Avenue – 6th Street to 8th Street
  • S Avenue – 8th Street to 10th Street


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