Quite often I speak of the people who run for high political office do so for power and money.  Not all, some come into political life with big money already in the bank.

I always like to give examples of the points I make on air and here is a glaring one.  Former President Clinton and his wife Hillary were not well off when he ascended to the Presidency.  In fact Hillary on the 2016 campaign trail use to love to tell us all that they were broke when the left the White House in 2001.  Back in 2016 Forbes magazine reported that the Clinton's had made $240 million dollars since they left the White House.

Now as a sign of Bill and Hillary unable to cash in on their connections and perceived power they are having trouble selling the tickets to their 13 city speaking tour as the New York Post and other outlets are reporting.

For their upcoming event in super liberal/progressive Seattle the official prices ranged from $66.50 to $519, the Seattle Times reported.

Apparently they are struggling to sell their tickets on the secondary market for as little as $20 a seat.  In fact when they first started their magical mystery tour they were fetching upwards of $1,785 a seat for the best seats in the house now that has dropped by 54% to $829.00.  Still a great price for them but not what they were commanding before.

I am a capitalist and have no problem with people making money, but there is something quite smelly when people who held political office make that money off of their access and favors they can grant the people who give them that money.  No one is really paying these former politicians big money to hear them speak.  If they do pay them big money they certainly expect something in return.

Now that the Clinton's are out of the “loop” they are no longer perceived to be that valuable of an asset in which to pay a lot of money to.

I do understand that people who are paying for many of these seats are not paying enough to expect to get something in return.  I do have a question though; why would someone pay any money to hear a former politician speak?

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