A sign posted on the door shares the news that Ouzos European Grill owners have decided to shut down the Mediterranean eatery.

Business closures have been an unwelcome trend, many happening, it seems, with little or no notice whatsoever. Jake Berent of Newschannel 3 noticed this sign on the door September 19.

Thank you Kalamazoo for the years of patronage.Ouzos has decided to close its doors. Please visit our Coney Island restaurant next door. Thanks!

A casual dining Mediterranean restaurant, the idea of Ouzos European Grill was to "provide a relaxing ambiance with a classic flair that makes you feel like you are visiting a traditional European pub." Located in the historic Reed Hotel building, the decor was in keeping with tradition. Times change and Ouzos is now closed, but not empty. Take a look inside and see the barstools waiting for customers and tables with silverware laid out for guests who will never come.


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