Battle Creek Police are asking for your help in tracking down a person of interest after a police officer was shot early Saturday morning.   Andre Durrell Yarbrough is described by police as a 30-year-old black man, 5’11” tall and 165 pounds.

Chief Jim Blocker addressed the media at 9:00am Saturday morning, and said the officer, Jeffery Johnson, was shot three times.   Johnson was shot in the leg, wrist and chest.  Blocker says quick action by fellow officers in the area and the fact that Officer Johnson  was wearing a vest probably saved his life.  He says they think the shot to the chest was delivered by the assailant as he stood over the fallen officer.  The pistol believed to have been used was recovered at the scene behind a garage in the 300 block of Cherry Street.   Blocker says Battle Creek Police have been required to carry tourniquets for the past year and a half, and the application to Officer Johnson's leg and quick transport to Bronson Battle Creek probably saved his life. He's in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery.

310 Cherry Street, Battle Creek, Google Street View
310 Cherry Street, Battle Creek, Google Street View

The incident began shortly after 1am Saturday.  Officers near the 300 block of Cherry Street heard yelling from a house. They believed they saw a suspect with warrants out of Calhoun and St. Joseph counties, but people at the house would not let officers in. Four to five officers stayed near the house, monitoring it. Police believe Johnson was on foot at the house, possibly near the garage. At about 2:30 a.m., officers said someone at the house starting shooting, and heard a number of shots.

Chief Blocker says they don't know if the suspect is currently armed, and said the Michigan State Police are taking the lead on the investigation, as several area police agencies are assisting MSP and Battle Creek police in the investigation and search.


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