Kalamazoo, where some streets are flooded and the signs don't matter.The recent heavy rains have left some in dire straits due to localized flooding. But for the bulk of the populace, it's more just an inconvenience on their commute.

I was working on a project Thursday and pulled over to take a picture of the Park Street-Crosstown Parkway area where streets have been closed for a portion of this week. But the barricades are mere suggestions, it appears.

A car slams into the flooding on Park Street. (Dave Benson/TSM)

The humorous part of the story is the car in the first picture, the 70's era Chevrolet sedan, went around the barricade and revved his engine hard, and like a drag racer at US 131 Speedway, he slammed through the water, leaving a wake.

A car edges into the flooding on Park Street. (Dave Benson/TSM)

Meanwhile the relatively new SUV tippy-toed into the water. Come on. Really?

On a serious note: If you know anyone who needs a hand in the aftermath of the flooding, please help them. The sandbagging effort is one of the largest in this area's history.