Heavy rainfall across the area is leading to localized but widespread flooding.  In the 24 hour period ending 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon, Battle Creek recorded just over 3 inches of rainfall. That’s not counting the heavy rain from late last week.  National Weather Service forecasters predicted another 1-2 inches of rain for most of the area overnight. We won’t know the actual totals until maybe mid to late morning.  The only other area picking up more in rain South West Michigan is Muskegon which got 3.8 inches. Some regional forecasters were predicting up to 10 inches of total rainfall for some areas starting last Thursday through tonight. And that may end up being really close.

Around the state - serious conditions in many central lower peninsula counties with a number of rivers going over flood stage. Some at their highest levels in 40 years.  A number of counties have declared flood emergencies.

Flooding around Battle Creek is forcing the closure of:
-Bailey Park’s ANYbodies Playground
-The city’s Linear Park path at the Emmett Street Bridge. That’s near Wagner Drive
-The Linear Park path downtown at the West Michigan Avenue bridge


In Branch County, a number of roadways are closed due to flooding. That is happening in nearly all counties in Southwest Michigan.

The City of Kalamazoo has a number of street closings in the normal areas including around the Crosstown Ponds area.

Weather service forecasters report just about every waterway across the region is overflowing or nearly so. Be on the lookout for new problem areas to pop up in low lying areas and near any waterway, pond, lake, or wetland area.

Some things to consider.
-As little as 6 inches of fast-moving water can knock you off your feet. And a half-foot of fast-moving water can move your car or truck.
-2 feet of water can float most cars. Even less for subcompact models
-Never try to walk or drive through any questionable depth of water. Turn around and find another way to get where you’re going. Floodwaters are nothing to mess with.

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