With the month of September merely days away, the school year has already started in Michigan and the one group we can count on being ready to go to school besides the kindergartners, are the seniors. Senior year is the most exciting year of school as you know everything is almost done and it's your decision to continue your education. They may be excited to be done but at the same time, they want to enjoy the year for what it is.

Sure, kicking school to the curb feels good, but the real fun in senior year is all the privileges you've earned and all the "lasts" that you'll do. There's nothing like your last first day, your last first game of the season, your last game, your last homecoming, etc. Those moments are the ones that you and your friends remember forever, and this Kalamazoo High School has given its seniors one more thing to hold on to.

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Loy Norrix High School, home of the Knights, is one of three high schools in the Kalamazoo Public Schools District. Its seniors take pride in the four years they spent walking the halls of the near-glass house and jump on the opportunity to leave a mark, especially in an artistic way. Every year there are multiple ways for the seniors to get involved, show off their creativity, and have fun.

They are able to create posters for events, pep rallies, and sporting events, but this year they took the artistic values to a new level. As a way to allow the senior students to feel more connected, show off some skills, and be able to have something to feel good about all year, they were able to decorate the parking lot.

Check out the gallery below or swing by in person and see for yourself as the seniors of Loy Norrix display their beautiful art all over the parking lot.

Loy Norrix Seniors Purchase And Paint Parking Spots For The School Year

Various pictures of Senior Students, Staff, and Parents Painting Parking Spaces At Loy Norrix High School In Kalamazoo, Michigan.

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