Getty Images By Junko Kimura
Getty Images By Junko Kimura

I have been saying for weeks, those politicians and pundits who support this Iranian nuclear deal should be held responsible to some degree when Iran nukes Israel within 10 to 12 years.

Now, according to an article in Bloomberg News, a group of Iraq war veterans are agreeing with me.

The Iraqi veterans are saying the Iranian Nuclear deal itself will lead to more war and destruction of lives, not peace.

According to the article the group’s first video features retired staff sergeant Robert Bartlett, who was gravely injured by an Iranian terrorist bomb while serving in Iraq in 2005.   In the video sergeant Bartlett says “Every politician who is involved in this will be held accountable, they will have blood on their hands, a vote for this deal means more money for Iranian terrorism. What do you think they are going to do when they get more money?”

Who do you think knows better when it comes to Iran and their support of terrorists, the vets who served or the politicians?

Or a better question would be who would act in the best interest of the United States citizen, the vet or the politician?

My opinion, hands down the vet.

Apparently the vets believe the immediate threat is not the nuclear issue but Iran receiving about $150 billion of its frozen assets that President Obama and the Democrats are giving the Iranians as part of the sanctions relief.

Do you believe that those who support this Iranian Nuclear deal do have some responsibility if Iran increases their support of terrorism or nuke’s Israel?

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