As many of you of heard, seen and read there was what appears to be another terrorist attack in Britain.  A terrorist attack aimed at young people, even children since the target of the attack was an Ariana Grande concert on Monday night.  A concert where the alleged terrorist knew young people, again including children would be in attendance.

How many more parents, family and friends are we going to allow to wait in horror until they see their children, family members and friends emerge from these attacks.

Do you want to be the next parent, family member or friend waiting to see if your loved one was the next victim?

I spoke yesterday about the savages who are targeting innocent men, women and children and then later yesterday they proved my words to be correct.

The question once again is what are we going to do about it, on both the international and domestic front.

Are we as a country and by that I mean the people, going to get behind President Trump and his get tough attitude and policies or are we going to still have too many of our citizens continue to criticism him and his policies believing that only peace, love and understand will help us rid the world of these savages.  We have seen that the last 8 years of peace, love and understanding is not only not working but actually emboldening these savages and but making this major security issue in our lives worse.

Are you going to hide behind the belief that it will not happen to you or people you are related to or friends with?  Do you think that might be what the parents were thinking when the sent their loved ones to this concert?

Are you going to allow the media to distract you from the really danger in your lives?  Is this media made Russian/Trump collusion story more important to your daily lives than your security, than the security of your loved ones, friends or fellow Americans?

Before we can debate the domestic issues such as the economy, jobs, healthcare and social justice we must first have security at home.

It is time we as Americans come together and stand behind President Trump, his policies and actions to help make America safe again.

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