Getty Images By: Pool
Getty Images By: Pool

Our House Homeland Security Committee just released their “Terror Threat Snapshot” for August 2015, and that report tells us the terror threat level in America is high and “getting steadily worse.”  It went on to say that there have been “more U.S.-based jihadist terror cases in 2015 than in any full year since 9/11.”

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Taliban has seized control of Kunduz, a key stronghold in northern Afghanistan.  This is the first time in 14 years that a major Afghan city has fallen to the terrorist.

Would you say President Obama’s Foreign Policy is working?

Do you believe we should not be involved in any other foreign country so you are ok with the President’s non-interventionist strategy?

The Terror Snapshot also reported 25,000 fighters from 100 countries have traveled to Syria and Iraq to join the Islamic State; 250 of them are Americans.

Also in 2015 there have been 30 U.S.-based jihadist cases.  Wow!

The report stated the following:

“The number of U.S. terrorist cases involving homegrown violent jihadists has gone from 38 in July 2010 to 122 today—a three-fold increase in just five years”.

Is Rome burning all around President Obama?

The world seems to be falling to pieces and where is the United States? Who knows.

Where is Russia?  Taking over.

Do you think Russia has the world’s best interests in mind?

Is it time for the adults to lead our country?

The question is who is that adult many of us are yearning for?

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