When you drive in it, it sometimes tends to become akin to "white noise", but a new report says Michigan roads are getting worse than ever.

The report reveals,

"further deterioration of Michigan’s federal aid eligible roads as there are more miles rated as poor than fair", stated Johnson. The 2018 condition data indicates 41% of these roads are in poor condition, 38% are in fair condition, and 21% are in good condition; in 2017, the breakdown was 40% poor, 40% fair, and 20% good." - Michigan Transportation Asset Management Council 2018 Annual Road and Bridge Report

The report goes on to add data on the condition of all bridges in Michigan, saying "an analysis of the bridge condition data indicates that bridge owners are 'losing ground' due to an aging inventory and rising costs for repair and replacement. This year’s report reveals Michigan has 10.7% of bridges rated as 'structurally deficient'.”

For some stimulating reading, you can view road and bridge conditions, and interactive dashboards at the Michigan Transportation Asset Management Council site: www.michigan.gov/tamc


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