Due to the incredibly cold weather our state has shut down.

The State of Michigan is shutting down all offices Wednesday because of extremely cold temperatures. That order comes directly from the Governor herself.

According to the Detroit Free Press ...

All nonessential state workers in both the Lower and Upper Peninsulas are being asked to stay home. Essential staff such as the Michigan State Police and corrections officers at prisons will remain on the job. The Michigan House and Senate also announced they will be closed Wednesday.

So what does that mean for you? Basically, no mail will land on your doorstep today. Many people have actually called to have their mail stopped for the day to help keep mail persons safe from this awful weather. But please remember to keep yourself safe.

Things we all need to remember in this chilling weather...

• Protect your pipes. Take precautions to ensure your water pipes don't freeze.

• Protect your home. Don't use your stove top or oven to heat your home!

• Protect your pets, livestock and other property by making sure they aren't exposed to extreme cold and have plenty of food and water available.

• Emergency kit in car: Make sure there's a survival kit in your vehicle, including jumper cables, flashlights, a first aid kit, a basic toolkit (pliers, wrench, screwdriver), an ice scraper, a shovel, extra clothes, blankets and more.

• Fill the tank: Speaking of your vehicle, make sure you fill it with at least a half-tank of gas. That way, you can stay warm in case you're stranded.

• Dress warm! Last — but certainly not least — make sure you're dressed for freezing temperatures, even if you think you'll only be outside for a minute. Frostbite can occur in just minutes in these temperatures.

Stay warm and stay safe!

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