Two days after Luke Bryan's Farm Tour show was rained out in Richland, he has this message for the fans.

Luke Bryan starts off by apologizing to Richland and Southern Michigan.  He goes on to say that they are working on a reschedule date and will let us know soon.  You can watch this video below.

The crowd was asked to wait in their vehicles while it rained up until they had to call the show.  MLive shared a video of the disappointed crowd on youtube as seen below.


Sure it was a colossal pain for everyone from the fans to the venue, even the artist.  But let's not forget what happened at the Indiana State Fair in August of 2011 as fans waiting for country band Sugarland to take the stage.

As a violent storm rushed in the stage collapsed killing 7 people and injuring 58 others.  The video is hard to watch, but it is a reminder of why hard decisions have to be made to postpone shows due to weather.

We will keep you updated on Luke Bryan's plans for a make up show here in Richland.

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