Have you ever seen a pumpkin over a 1000 pounds in person, I have not.

If you cannot sell a pumpkin over a 1000 pounds what should you do with it?  Well why not have some fun and drop it on a car.  That is exactly what Mlive is reporting on happened in Grand Rapids over the weekend at Ed Dunneback & Girls Fruit Farm.

The pumpkin came in at a whopping 1,300 pounds and the care they dropped it on was obviously one well past it’s time.

Check out the following Youtube video of it supplied by Mlive.

Now that is some good old American fun, it is great that there are some places where you can still find it.  In fact there are probably plenty you just have to get away for the T.V. and paper to find them.

Thanks Mlive for supplying this one.

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