The Olympic torch passed through Michigan during the summer games in 1996 and again during the winter games of 2002

The Olympic Torch in Michigan

During the 1996 Atlanta Summer Games, the torch passed through southeast Michigan, visiting Dearborn, Flat Rock and Detroit

The 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake, the torch passed through Mid-Michigan hitting the state on a run between Milwaukee and Indianapolis.

The 2016 Olympic Torch

Each new Olympics host country has its own torch and the one for Rio is gorgeous. But how does it work?

The Rio torch is very unique with multiple segments that extend and represent the different elements of Rio, from the mountains to the ocean. this is a first of its kind, having actual moving parts that extend the length of the torch while remaining lit. If you have wondered (like me) what makes it work, check out this video.

As for the torch coming to Michigan again? Let's hope so.




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