The Garden Griddle located at 217 E. Michigan Ave. in Paw Paw has begun their annual Build-A-Burger competition. The idea is that if you have an awesome idea for a burger, you make or order one from their restaurant, they'll take the picture and post it up on their Facebook page. Voting will take place until December 31st, with the winning burger being announced on January 2nd. The burger will then be added onto their menu for the year 2020 and you'll score a $100 gift card to The Garden Griddle.

It is that time of year again!! Time for you to get creative! Our Garden Popper burger has been a crowd favorite but it is time to retire it and bring on something different! Do you have the winning idea? Build it, we will take a picture and put it up on Facebook, then you SHAMELESSLY promote your burger to get the most votes!! The winner gets bragging rights for 2020 and $100 gift card!!

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