It's an age-old problem...What should we put on the roads to make them safer in the winter.  We traditionally put down the road salt but, as we know, is harmful to people and vehicles.  Plus it costs a lot.  Regular old sand has been used but its not nearly as effective.  Then there's the pre-snow "slurp" which is basically brine that they put down ahead of time but that's more harmful than the salt.  So what's next?  I never would have guessed.

According to an article on, legislation in the Michigan Senate has passed that would create a pilot program with the Michigan Department Of Transportation that would incorporate "organic" materials like sugar beets into a mix which would include current materials like road salt.  Sugar beet material sticks to the road, is less corrosive and melts ice at a lower temperature which are all attributes that MDOT would like to be part of the effort.  Check out more of the story by clicking HERE.



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