Did you really think it would stop at the Confederate flag?

How preciously naive you were.

Now a former University of Maryland professor Henry Bain, in an editorial that has appeared in several newspapers around the country, believes we need to censor parts of the Constitution that he and other Democrats believe are offensive.

He is quoted in a Daily Caller article saying “South Carolina’s battle flag may soon come down from the capitol flagpole, but other symbols of the Confederacy’s ideology remain in place, for example, consider the U. S. Constitution.”

Professor Bain wrote that he is not requesting the creation of a new Constitution, but believes the current one should be edited to remove parts he and others in his party consider immoral and outdated.

Really, edit our founding document!

Should we not teach about our past, both the good and bad?

This is another example of attempting to rewrite history.

What part of the Constitution does he and others have an issue with, he states that “All copies of the Constitution promulgate detailed instructions for the recapture of slaves who have run away from their owners, and they also specify that slaves are to be counted as three-fifths of a person in the Census, giving a boost to the slave-owning states in the House of Representatives and the Electoral College.”

Professor Bain believes we should remove any other text that references embarrassing parts of American history, like Prohibition.

He also believes the following “that kind of thinking has prevailed for a long time in Charleston, only recently yielding in the face of an atrocity.”

Oh, the Constitution is also partly to blame for the murders in Charleston.  Silly me for not thinking that.

The professor went on to say that the Constitution needs to be reorganized, in-order to move the offensive text to a separate back section, where he believes it belongs.

Sounds like making someone sit at the back of the bus to me.

By the way others are now saying that we should take down the Jefferson Memorial and rename Washington, D.C.


Do you think it will end there?

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