Unprecedented in its 40-year history, South Haven's go-to spot will be closed on Sundays. They are losing the same battle every restaurant is fighting right now.

The Coronavirus pandemic may be "over," but the repercussions are still being felt. Now, businesses are closing not because of state mandates, but because of a shortage of workers. A pause is better than a permanent closure, but things are not "back to normal."

Opened in South Haven in 1981, Clementine's has always been a downtown favorite. Not only locals, but beachgoers from inland have made this iconic restaurant a part of a visit to the lakeshore. This Summer is different. Clementine's shared the news on their Facebook page:

After much thoughtful consideration, it is with a heavy heart we have made the most difficult of decisions to close on Sundays for the rest of the season.
Our amazing staff has been working tirelessly to keep us open 7 days a week and we couldn't be more grateful but everyone deserves a break at some point.
We know this may be inconvenient for some of our guests, and we do apologize, but our staff have always been our first priority and we will always do what we think is best for them.

They hopefully declare they will be open seven days the week of Labor Day. Reaction was swift and supportive from the Facebook community.

  • So sorry to hear, but know that you are doing what’s best for your team!
  • I respect that completely.
  • I know many won't understand, but I applaud you for thinking of your staff and knowing the correct thing to do for them. Many employer's would just keep expecting more and more out of the current employees, and then wonder why staff leave.
  • Thanks for considering your employees! Much respect for your ethics!
  • I totally respect you for this...I think anyone would love to work for you. .Great Decision
  • Clementine's Staff is always amazing, what a well deserved break!!! Another reason for our family to LOVE Clementine's!!!

So, adjust your weekend plans for now and let us know where you plan to get onion rings in South Haven.

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