Many of us believe in capitalism, so let’s apply our thirst for our favorite beer to that concept.

The Kalamazoo Beer Exchange which opened in 2010 is expanding to the city of Lansing.  The Lansing site will be appropriately named the Lansing Beer Exchange.

What is the concept of these “Beer Exchanges”, well they are applying simple capitalism.  The price of a beer will be tied to the demand of that beer, starting at 6 pm every day.   Patrons will be able to track the prices of their favorite beer, as well as others, via monitors.    I think it is a clever marketing idea and will more than likely drive people to the bar for the uniqueness of it.

Let me give you an example.  The owner stated in a Lansing State Journals article that a Bell's Oberon will start at $4.50, but depending on demand can max out at $5.  The owner has also given his staff the ability to "crash the market," when they feel the time is right and bring every beer on their menu to its lowest price for a period of five minutes.  That would currently mean that an Oberon beer would cost $2.50 or a Miller High Life would cost $1.50.

This is a business man thinking outside of the box and creating something different to draw customers to his business.

This is entrepreneurship at its finest.

This is America.

God Bless America!

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