There are some serious blessings in life and this new Kid Rock video is one of them. Not because it's good. Quite the contrary actually, as he has mastered the fine art of caricaturing himself with the new Don't Tell Me How To Live  song he recently released. In a greasy mix of Trumpers, Confederate Flag wearers, and that underlying misogynistic undertone we get with all Kid Rock fans, this new video from him is seriously how I would imagine Weird Al parodying a Kid Rock song.

In the song, he rap/rocks about snowflakes, opinions, how he is still a pimp or something, participation trophies, and all the other generic complaints made by hard conservatives back in 2014. But this well crafted song, which is similar to an audible Jack Daniels novelty sign, is getting blown up with comments, with most everyone congratulating Weird Al on such an awesome song. It even prompted Weird Al to send a tweet out, confirming it's not really him:

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Even the comment section in the official video is getting lit up:

How has this man managed to create a track that sounds like a 40 year old diesel engine turning over but never actually picking up and running.....genius

People cookin' him from for his privileged background:

I love how the son of one of the biggest car dealers in the Detroit Area is so "hard" and "street", growing up in the suburbs of Detroit

Some Weird Al love:

Easily his best work since Amish Paradise. Kudos Mr. Yankovic...

Editors Note: Kid Rock received -17 whoops after no-showing to the Insane Clown Posse's Carnival of Carnage show back in 2017 to perform "Is That You?" 

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