Kid Rock

Kid Rock Vs Debbie Stabenow
The poll numbers are all over the place and “Only God Knows Why”.
The latest poll by the Marketing Resource Group (MRG) of 600 likely voters between last Wednesday and this Monday has Senator Stabenow up by 18 points, 52%-34%.
Kid Rock (Robert Ritchie) has been hinting…
Is Mitch McConnell Interested In Kid Rock Run for Senator?
Are the Senate Republican’s interested in Kid Rock (Robert Ritchie) running for Senator in Michigan?
The answer appears to be yes.
The Washington Examiner is reporting on the head group backed by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stating they are “very interested&CloseCurlyD…
Kid Rock Beats Senator Stabenow
A poll conducted and recently released finds that Kid Rock, whose real name is Robert Ritchie, has a lead over Senator Stabenow 48.6% to Stabenow’s 46.09% when including voters leaning towards one candidate.
One caveat is that Kid Rock has not definitively said he will be running for …
Kid Rock The Cop
I guess it would go something like this: the first thing you see is the flashing lights. A bit nervous, you pull over, roll down your window, and look up. “Yes officer?” He has a bit of a smirk and green tinted Ray Ban Aviators. “...