Many people speculated that Governor Whitmer’s continued extensions of her stay-home/house arrest order will cause more harm than good.  It appears their predictions are coming true.

A number of businesses have closed for good due to the extent of Whitmer's mandatory closures.  Now the Lansing State Journal is reporting that Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services Children's Services Agency is reporting on a very significant decrease in the number of child abuse hotline calls they are receiving.  They do not believe it is due to people committing less abuse.  JooYeun Chang, the senior deputy director for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Children's Services Agency believes that Whitmer's stay-home order which closed all of our schools is definitely one reason for this significant decrease.

They compared the number of phone calls their child abuse hotline received over the same period last year and found a decline of 34%.  Ms. Chang also believes that the order to keep children in their homes also prevents neighbors, family members and doctors from seeing possible abuse of these children as often as they usually would. Between March 1 and May 5 last year there were more than 34,000 calls made to their hotline this year the number has dipped to approximately 23,000.

The CDC came out with a report stating that they currently believe the death rate of COVID-19 is approximately .26 which is double that of the common flu's mortality rate of .13.  If the death rate ends up being approximately .26 or less was the cure prescribed by the NIH, CDC, FDA, President Trump”s Task Force and of course the Governor”s since they all claimed ultimate authority and decision making in their states worse than the virus?

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