The Kalamazoo County Animal Services and Enforcement Department revealed they have a new space to shelter homeless pets, this past weekend. The shelter, located at at 1316 Lamont Street in Kalamazoo was a $4.8 Million investment, but the money is going to a great cause. The new shelter can reported house up to 106 dogs and 74 cats, according to WWMT.

The new space is convenient in that it allows for more activity for the dogs at the shelter, as Steve Lawrence, director of the Kalamazoo County Animal Services, told the news outlet: "By spreading out some of the areas, by separating the animal areas, the biggest increase in that square footage is that we are giving the dogs full runs. In the old shelters, they were stainless steel cages. They were like crates. We were keeping the animals in crates. So a lot of the square footage, the animal areas, they are along the outside of the buildings so they get the natural light"

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