After last week's news of Michigan senator, Peter Lucido's comments to a female reporter, another female senator has come forward accusing him of other past indiscretions.

In an interview Monday with Crain's Detroit, Senator Mallory McMorrow said Lucido also made an uncomfortable remark to her as well as held his hand on her lower back.

McMorrow said the incident happened just two days after the 2018 election at a training session where a big topic of conversation was, ironically, sexual harassment.

According to McMorrow, when she went to introduce herself he shook her hand and put his hand on her lower back and held it there throughout their conversation.

When he asked where she is from and who she ran against to which she recounts her reply, "I said, 'I beat Marty Knollenberg.' At which point he looked me up and down, raised his eyebrows and said, 'I can see why.'"

McMorrow said the interaction was "shocking" but said she figured she would just "deal with it" and continue with her job.

In a text message to Crain's, Lucido said, ""I categorically deny this allegation, which I believe is completely untrue and politically motivated."

Senator Rosemary Bayer says she was a witness to the interaction and stands by McMorrow who felt she should come forward after last week's allegations.

"Once I saw (Allison Donahue) give an interview and she said 'it made me feel small,' I felt guilty," McMorrow said. "I felt like had I said something sooner maybe this wouldn't have happened to her."

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