A controversial billboard gets an Ohio pizzeria in hot water.

The problem with having an awesome sense of humor is offending people.  Especially if you're a business owner like Jeremy Clemeston.  Jeremy owns the East of Chicago Pizza restaurant in Barberton, Ohio.  Putting funny slogans on the restaurant's sign is kind of his jam according to Fox 8 Cleveland,

Some of the slogans he has used included: "Now Hiring, Must Show Up", "If it's not there in 30 minutes, move closer", "Free Box with Every Pizza", "Our Deep Dish Pizza is as big as a pothole", and "Tammy, you need to show up to work," after one of his dedicated employees with a sense of humor took extended medical leave.

Clemeston didn't consider that it was National Human Trafficking Awareness Month when he put "Fat people are harder to kidnap" on his sign.  In fact, he didn't realize that until a complaint was sent to the restaurant's corporate office.

He took the slogan down and apologized explaining that he has 7 children himself and that kidnapping is not a joke.

I'm sure we can all agree that this guy's heart was in the right place.  But I think his next slogan should be, "please eat here, I have 7 kids to feed."

OK, I 'll leave the funny slogans to Jeremy.


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