A bill that would continue to prohibit strip clubs whose dancers are fully naked to serve alcohol just passed the Michigan Senate.

It had been illegal to serve alcohol in fully nude strip clubs but a Federal Circuit Court of Appeals (6th) in 2007 overturned that ban.  Michigan State Senator Rick Jones sponsored the new legislation to bring it back to where Michigan was before the CC appeals court decision.

According to a quote in a Mlive.com article Senator Jones stated the following:

Citizens do not want Michigan to become like Windsor or Las Vegas, tourism is very important to Michigan, and we want families to come here and enjoy a vacation. This bill would keep the status quo in Michigan and stop the expansion of fully nude entertainment into bars that serve alcohol.

Does it really bother you if strips clubs where dancers strip completely nude serves alcohol?  You can serve alcohol in topless bars in Michigan, is there that much of a difference?

Should all strip clubs be made illegal in Michigan?

It is a women’s body and should she not be allowed to do with it which she wants?  I am always confused by those who are pro-choice but against prostitution.  Can any of you who are pro-choice but against prostitution help me understand your thought process behind that?

The article reports that Senator Jones informed the media that he worked with a constitutional lawyer to draft the legislation to ensure that it would pass constitutional muster in any future court proceedings.

The new bill if passed by the House and signed by Governor Snyder bans bars with liquor licenses from allowing on the premises:

an individual who exposes to public view the pubic region, anus, or genitals.

SB 320 passed the Michigan Senate 27-10. All of the Democrat members except for Virgil Smith, D-Detroit, voted against the bill.

The Michigan Democrat say one of the reasons they voted against the bill was due to some language the objected to.  The language stated that "adult-oriented businesses" were associated with adverse side effects like prostitution, the spread of disease and littering.

Now prostitution and the spread of disease I would agree with the language in the bill, but littering, what does that have to do with "adult-oriented businesses"?

The most littering I have ever seen are from environmental green groups when they rally in Washington DC.  Have you seen the pictures of the mess these pigs leave behind?  Really I am not joking, the so called people who care more about the planet then the rest of us leave parks in a total mess when they gather in large crowds to rally or protest.

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